Welcome to MikeHacks.com

Welcome to MikeHacks.com

There are many videos on YouTube showing off the PSP using cool apps like game emulation, homebrew and mods but when you want to try it on your PSP, the directions are too hard to understand. If you don’t know what you are doing you can ruin your PSP.

This site is designed to provide easy instructions so you can safely hack your PSP. Please visit the Contact Mike Hacks section under LINKS AND JUNK on the left if you have questions or comments.

All files are now down loadable for free from rapidshare, there is a time limit between each download, but it is free. Check this site from time to time to see new updates.

How to Install Custom Firmware on all PSP's with UPMS pandora

it is important to have custom themes in the XMB turned off

Download MH pandora UPMS.rar :Here or download from Megaupload

How to create Pandora to downgrade all fat PSP's


Download Pandoras_GUI_v1.5.rar :Here or download from -megaupload
Download mh150update.zip :Here or download from-megaupload

How do I install custom firmware on my PSP?

I have been getting allot of questions from people asking how to install custom firwmare on their own psp's so here is a post that should answer those questions for future mikehacks.com visitors.


Check your firmware by turning on your psp then go to system settings and system information.

  • If you firmware is 3.50 or lower you can use the Lumines downgrader tutorial to install custom firmware on your psp.
  • If your psp is on any firmware above 3.50 the only way to hack your psp is to get something called pandora's battery and memory stick. In my opion, the easiest place to get pandora's battery and memory stick is on ebay. if you know of a better place please post them in the comments so other may know.

It is possible to create pandora's battery and memory stick.

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How to Downgrade 3.50 psp's to 1.50 Firmware using Lumines

If your firmware is lower than 3.50 go here to upgrade to 3.50 after you got 3.50 watch this tutorial.

Download mhPSP.RAR :Here

If you have a Japanese version of lumines Download japaneselumines.rar :Here

How to install MAME emulator on PSP custom firmware

Download MHpspmame4.9.rar :Here

Download Roms from this WebSite

note: not all roms downloaded from this site will work

PSP: How to Upgrade from 3.60 m33 to 3.71 m33-2 Custom Firmware

When upgrading and downgrading you need to have at least 78% power in the psp

Download 3.71 m33 install :Here or download from megaupload

Continue reading : PSP: How to Upgrade from 3.60 m33 to 3.71 m33-2 Custom Firmware

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